Men’s Grooming

Haircuts for Men: Our haircuts for men will employ scissors and/or an electric trimmer to achieve your preferred look, and followed up with salon quality products to lock in your look. Our stylist will have you cut and styled in minimum amount of time, so you can fit us in during your lunch break or after work. This service is guaranteed to have you feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

Beard Trim: You facial hair requires unique care in order to look and feel great. While the ease of disposable razors and electric shavers is appealing in a pinch, our salon-style shave is a throwback to the classic service found in barbershops from an era gone by. We provide a symmetrical shave, that’s the closest you’ve ever experienced. Treat yourself to the best a shave or trim can offer, with one of our relaxing facial hair services.

Men's Grooming Services 
Hair Cuts for Men$17 & up
Men Hair Cut & Color$34 & up
Beard Trim$8 & up