Specialty Color

At Salon 311, we pride ourselves in delivering the latest techniques and trends with our color services. To us, it’s not just “color” it’s art. Want to learn more? Read more about the specialty color that we are excited about.

Color Weave: Traditional weave highlights can give your color depth and movement, versus the flat look of an single all over color. Our Stylists will choose a section of hair and then weave out intermittent pieces to be lightened or colored, and continue all over the scalp from there. A small, fine color weave can create a subtle, natural effect, while a larger weave can create a bolder, chunkier look. This customizable technique aligns itself with a variety of styles.

Corrective Color: Maybe it was box color gone bad, or a professional color application that didn’t quite make the grade, either way, this service will gently and effectively correct your hair color. We schedule enough time to assess any damage to the hair and address your concerns. From there, our highly trained stylist will formulate a color plan to maintain the integrity of your hair’s health, while taking you to the color you desire.

Lowlights: Who says foils are just for highlights? Lowlights work with the existing lighter shades in your hair to enhance the depth of your overall color story. If you’re looking to change with the seasons of Fox Lake, or wanting to go darker without taking the plunge to an all over color, lowlights will help you achieve your new look.

Shades EQ: Shades EQ is a demi-permanent color line from Redken, which offers our commitment-shy clients a color option that suits them best. This no-ammonia formula will take faded color back to its vibrant beginnings and helps cancel out brassy tones. With a 20 minute processing time, you will be in and out just in time to take that beautiful new color out to lunch. Consider this color service a mini makeover for you hair.

Staining/Glossing: A color glaze or staining service is a proactive way to refresh existing color between appointments or accent your natural hue. A subtle color wash is applied and then a shampoo and style to follow. In no time, this service will have you and your color feeling refreshed and ready to take on your busy life in Fox Lake. If only updating our phones were this easy!

Two Step Color: A two-step color is an intensive process that is typically used to take someone from dark to light. Virgin hair will be bleached and then toned, whereas previously colored hair will need to be stripped before the two-step process can begin. While complicated for most stylists, our team at Salon 311 is well equipped to make your daydreams of having more fun as a blonde a reality!